Daniel Burgess, PhD (Co-Founder, CEO)

20+ years leading biological research and product development teams in academic and industry settings.

(Former: Roche-NimbleGen; Baylor College of Medicine; University of Michigan)

Alan Pitas, M.S. (Co-Founder, COO)

Mechanical and optical engineering, instrumentation; high-energy physics.

(Former: Roche-NimbleGen; Bruker AXS; Baker Manufacturing; Fermilab; MIT)

Tom Dillinger, M.S. (Co-Founder, CTO)

Microprocessor design, VLSI, silicon fabrication processes.

(Former: Oracle; Advanced Micro Devices; Sun Micro-systems; Rockwell Semiconductor; IBM)

Wendy Ward, JD (CLO, VP Intellectual Property)

Patent prosecution and litigation in biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

(Former: Green Griffith & Borg-Breen LLP; Merchant & Gould LLC; Michael Best & Friedrich;  Paddock Laboratories Inc)